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WORSHIP SERVICES – Sundays 8, 9:30 & 11 AM

 Everyone is Welcome

THE PINK CHURCH offers three church service opportunities
in an effort to meet the needs of
worshipers of all ages and worship styles. 

All services are on Sunday mornings.

 8:00 INFORMAL SERVICE.  The Informal Service is conducted in the Chapel and has a tightly knit ‘family-like’ group of worshipers.  The service is very ‘musical’ with selections that come both from the planned program as well as the hymns requested by the congregants.  All of this makes a very warm and interactive service.  The Chapel holds 90 people and, although it can be tight at times, worshipers enjoy the classic old style service and do not want to move it to the Sanctuary.  The small Chapel provides a very intimate setting; the energy and enthusiasm is contagious there, creating a wonderful way to start a Sunday.


9:30 CONTEMPORARY SERVICE.  In this service, a selection of contemporary Christian music is conducted by Jericho Rising, a praise and worship band of professional musicians who graciously volunteer their time.  The initial ‘meet-and-greet’ makes the service very inviting and is followed by approximately twenty minutes of praise and worship music and song.  The sermon is presented in an informal and personal manner with practical and thought-provoking messages each week. 

 11:00 TRADITIONAL SERVICE.  There is more traditional formality at the 11:00 service than any other.  The music from the magnificent organ along with the amazing voices of the uplifting choir fills the sanctuary with the spirit of God.  With the pastor speaking from the pulpit rather than informally walking the center aisle, the 11:00 service provides a more formal presentation with a lot more service traditions like scripture recitations, the Apostle’s Creed and Doxology.

 BLENDED SERVICESOn occasion, for special events or holidays, the church provides one service, which is a combination of both the 9:30 and 11:00 programs.  The combination of contemporary and traditional music can be very moving and brings the congregation from both services together.



 Exciting programs for children
ages 2 years through grade 8!
Nursery (infant-age 2) and
Preschool Sunday School (3-4 year olds)
is provided during worship.

Please check-in at the Preschool