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Join the Cherub Choir

Cherub Choir has 2 Rehearsal days: Thursdays or Sundays


Thursday rehearsal begins September 8th
and is for PK4 to 1st grade students.

3:15 to 4:00 pm at Lighthouse Christian School (LCS)
Designed as a music and movement class.
LCS students need to bring a snack.
If your child attends ISP and is enrolled in aftercare the preschool teachers will walk them to Ms. Therrell's classroom for choir. Please contact the preschool if your child is dismissed at 2:15 and you would like them to stay to attend choir.
If you are dropping off your child, please walk them into LCS at 3:15pm.
Pick up will be in the front of LCS at 4:00 pm

Sunday rehearsal begins September 11
and is for K - 5th grade students.
Rehearsal is from 10:30 to 11:00 am in the Youth Room on the 2nd floor of the Christian Education Building. This time is designed strictly as a choir rehearsal and singers will receive a part in the Christmas Eve musical. 
Children can be dropped off at 10:30 or stay after the 9:30 am Worship 1331 - please let a staff member know. You must pick up your child at 11:00 am they will not be released on their own. 

There will be several Sundays during the year where the Cherub Choir will perform during the worship services. Additionally, choir members will have the opportunity to perform in this year's Christmas Eve Musical, the Sunday rehearsals are required for Musical participants. 
Register through the Sunday School classes or either of the Pink Church schools. You can also contact our Cherub Choir Director, Rachel Therrell at