first presbyterian church

2331 NE 26th Ave, Pompano Beach, FL 33062


The Sanctuary

The cornerstone of the present sanctuary was laid in 1959. The completed building was dedicated on November 6, 1960 and was first called "The Cathedral Church", no doubt because of its large seating capacity and the soaring steeple topped by a Celtic cross. Soon however, it became known simply as "The Pink Church", an obvious nickname for a church painted in an island color that blended with its Bahamian Colonial architecture.

From the entrance to the church, where fountains enliven our terrace symbolizing "Living Water", to the chancel's "Galilee Window", the church is rich and meaningful throughout in symbolism. The huge prow of a boat thrusting out into the nave, thus providing a pulpit, takes its theme from the "Galilee Window". This is especially fitting since the church as a whole symbolizes the Ship of the Spirit. The coral communion table is twelve feet long, the number twelve suggesting
the twelve apostles who originally sat at our Lord's table. Its one hundred and ninety-five feet of nave and chancel accommodates approximately 1,200 worshipers. At the front of the chancel is our pipe organ containing over 3,800 pipes, one of the largest pipe organs in the region.


The church also is noted for its thirteen-story high aluminum steeple, made of filigreed lacework, which can be lighted from interior and exterior at night thus making the church a standard of faith visible for miles, even out to sea. Carved in the delicate filigree on the steeple are vines and grapes, the symbol of the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Most significant of all is the twelve foot high Celtic cross, known as "The Presbyterian Cross", which crowns the steeple. 

The Chapel

We are grateful to God for the Robert W. Youngs Chapel, acclaimed as one of the religious show places of South Florida. It seats approximately 100 people and is in constant use for weddings, funerals, prayer groups and special services. The Chapel is open each Sunday morning for your viewing, inspiration and praying. An informal worship service is held each Sunday morning in the chapel at 8:00 am. Visitors are always welcome. 

The Columbarium

For countless generations people of faith have sought solace from their holy places and at the end of their days have found it fitting to be placed near that core of their spiritual experiences. To be in or near the physical center where they had found knowledge of God, peace and forgiveness in troubled times and experienced joy in worship and fellowship seemed understandably of profound significance.

When our lovely chapel was designed and built, a Columbarium was also designed to accompany it. However, because of state laws existing at the time it was never constructed. In 2002, that dream has finally became a reality. An open garden setting graced with shade trees, benches, a soothing fountain and an inspiring, original bronze sculpture houses the five hundred and four burial niches. An ornate entryway gate of wrought iron opens into the courtyard of gleaming eight feet tall interior walls of petal pink granite. Not only an extraordinary place of honor for our loved ones but an inviting atmosphere for those those who wish to pray and meditate.