The Foundation of The Pink Church is funded with the generous donations given to it in trust through wills and special gifts of this congregation. The Foundation belongs to its members. The membership determines by its giving what the church's future growth and outreach will be for the organization, missions and the Kingdom of God.

Therefore, may the example of those past and present challenge us. May those who made these buildings and programs possible through their wills and special gifts inspire us to the actions we can take now, today. Actions that will insure the continued outreach of our church in even greater ways in the new millennium ahead with the reality of God's love and care.

Giving a foundational gift allows you to leave a legacy long after you leave this world.  If this is something of interest after talking with your attorney, accountant or financial planner, please call us and let us know how you would like to participate with the Foundation. Should you need help in securing one of these professionals we can be of assistance. If you have further questions we would be pleased to meet with you at the church or your home.


There is much in the gospels that help us understand the concept of giving in order to help others.  Christian Stewardship offers a way to invite all people to become one with Christ and be the ‘helping hands’ God needs here on earth.  Through commitments of Talent, Treasure and Time, our congregation can experience the joy of spiritual growth, deepened faith and the love of making a difference in the lives of brothers and sisters you may never even meet.

Your support puts you in the rarefied category of faith-filled givers that step up when they are called.  Give of yourself… give your time… give your expertise… give your experience… give financial support... give ‘in kind’ support from your business… your options are ENDLESS and they are generally tax deductible!  Your church needs you – your neighbors need you, but most importantly, God needs you.